Our Services & Products



Our Services and Products

Services & Products , We ship anywhere !!


We are expert at locating and finding anything, our research staff are excellent  part detectives !!


We strive to bring you the innovative products you won't find anywhere else !!  We also offer concierge services relating to

helping you solve any problem you might have. 


We have a designated private carrier who flies for us twice daily to the Bahamas.   We also have designated  sea and carriers to all

of the Caribbean, as well as International carriers such as Fedex, UPS, DHL and Delta.   We are "known" shippers.


Boat lifts:

Besenzoni Drive motors  (24V)

Lovato Electrical Controls

Cordem controls ( motor trigger circuit)

Specialised hydrualic oil ie, Mobilgear 600 XP 320 !!!


Ice Makers:

We are Scotsman Dealer - same day access to most parts and new Scotsman equipment.


Galley Appliances:

We can track down those pesky control boards, drain pumps/gaskets and other parts for all... major brands of appliances, GE, Kitchen Aid, mIele, Frigidaire, Bosch.

Washing machines and dryer, all parts, all major brands, all we need is your model number,   doors, cooktops, you name it, we have it !!


Marine Propulsion/Generator

cooling pumps

new units

rebuild kits (major and minor)

Rebuild service available

Sepcialise in Caerpillar, Man, MTU, Detroit Diesel, Cummins


Filters Galore


Fuel ( Primary and secondary)

Transfer pumps,

all oberdorfer, jabsco, Gianneschi, Sherwood


Engine room blower

we supply gianneschi fan motors !!!


we can rebuild if you have the time !!


Marine Sanitation is not a dirty word with us !!!

All headhunter products

Oberdorfer HO6M wet ends available

sealand products

jabsco macerators and sump pumps

need a portable electric bilge pump ?? call us for info

Galley Maid


 Air conditioning is cool !!!


All popular circulating pumps

Oberdorfer 104, 109, wet ends available

Scot 67 & 78 series, wet ends available

March, all models

Little Giant

Lenza frequency drives, air handlers, condensing units all sizes


Water systems:

Pressure switches

accumulator tanks


large AC to small DC systems


Marine Electronics

We do wireless WIFIi !!!!!

Surprise your guests with this feature, you can obtain wifi signal even at anchor ( provided a hot spot is available 4-7 miles away )

call us for pricing on all radars/gps displays/sounders/chart products.

Stop anxiety !!!  We do SAT TV switches overnight. !!


Marine Electrical

We specililize in 100 amp shore power.

cord, connectors/ cord 1 7 3 phase

smart "Y"

dockside booster, increase your dockside voltage 10 percent !!

breakers, bulbs and hard to find electrical products

relays and fuses


Toy Store

Yamaha, Seadoo

all items that mysteriously "break" ie, mirrors, bumpers.

all mechanical items, fuel system, hoses, etc.

water ski/fish/dive equipment.  Lee outriggers !!!