Wick 80 Fire Pump




Wick 80 Portable light weight Fire Pump (Marine Version )

  A fire at sea can have deadly consequences

    Don't let this lightweight fire pump fool you,  It is not only lightweight that can be lifted with one hand, it can be run in any position !!

    Many  pumps can't or will seize the engine.  It is built to pack a "wallop" is extremelydurable and designed to be used over and over

    for many years of    reliability in extreme environs.


   If your yacht is registered in St. Vincent, this is now mandatory and required.   click here  Code of Safety





                       as pictured above  $1995.00  complete  marine package.  plus shipping



                      Marine package includes; Wick 80, bronze hose fittings, hand primer pump, 50' collapsible hose, 15' plastic intake hose with

                     foot valve ( sea strainer), one all purpose plastic fog & stream nozzle.  additional accessories available.



                      Instructional Video Here          Demo video click here           Takes up less room, easily stowed in minimal area.  will run in any......... position . 



                    Wick 80-4H Performance Chart




Length:  14.0"   (36cm)
Width:  11.0"   (28cm)
Height:  11.0"   (28cm)
Weight:  17.8 lbs   (8.1 kg)
Suction:  1½" NPSH   (38mm)
Discharge:  1½" NPSH   (38mm)
Type:  Honda 4 Stroke
Power:  1.5 hp (31 cc)
Ignition:  Electronic
Carburetor:  Diaphragm
Fuel:  regular gasoline
Fuel Tank:  .68 Qt. (.65 L)




    Note; we aren't just selling photos, we have physically seen this dynamite little pump in person !!!  Photos is of one we

    just delivered.




The hallmarks of this outstanding pump are performance, versatility, low weight, wraparound frame, stability and ease of operation.

This "all position" 4 stroke Honda engine with an integral fuel tank produces a highly efficient power to weight ratio at very low noise levels. Includes a spark arrestor.

The unique clutch feature allows the engine to idle without engaging the pump, thus conserving water.


Low fuel consumption, as well as the bolt-on detachable foam compatible pump, will make this unit a favorite in rapid attack..The single stage pump detaches easily for maintenance.

The Wick 80-4H has the best overall performance of all pumps in its class and meets the emission standards of US EPA/CARB regulations.