Library of How to, manuals



  Library of how to, manuals

     The tricks of the trade !!!










Downy wrinkle releaser: a fav of stewardess everywhere. although not available outside the U.S. you can make your own.

 1 tsp fabric softener, 1 cup distilled water ( must be distilled)  fine spray bottle.  


Mildew remover:  warning, wear gloves and work outside if possible.

1 gallon water, 1 cup laundry soap, 1 cup bleach, 1 cup vinegar. 


Bronze cleaner: vinegar and salt.


Barnacle remover from dinghy:  "Lime Away".  wear gloves !!!


How to remove a broken bolt: purchase correct size " Bolt off" from Sears,

use large C-clamp to compress  on "Bolt off"on broken bolt,  instead of trying to pound on with hammer.

works every time. for us, better grip, less effort. 


Installation and instruction manuals:


Scot pump, installation, and seal replacement: scot seal install.pdf

Oberdorfer seal replacment : centrifugalsealreplacement.pdf


More information will be added.