Restructure Marine Polish

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                       One step professional marine polish   


            Restructure Marine Extended Wear Boat Polish  !!!

                                                           INFORMATION UPDATE  6/16
Working with MBI International, Restructure Marine Products LLC has modified the formulation of our Professional Marine Polish product to make it virtually impervious to the penetration of oil.  Simply stated, a coating of our improved  Professional Marine Polish will protect the gel coat / fiberglass areas above the water line areas of a vessel's hull from penetration of oil.  Following an application of our polish, the removal of accumulated oil is quickly accomplished by just spraying the oil off with a water hose.
 In addition to the benefits offered to our buyers in the Gulf States to protect against oil intrusion, the modified polish provides a glossier shine and increased resistance to the damages  of dirt and grime  so that all polish users  benefit.  


                             Marine Polish 1 gal

                   $29.95                                                                 $285.00

Micro Finishing Compound                            Micro Finishing Compound 1 GAL

        $29.95                                                                         $285.00

  Mirasol 12 oz                         Mirasol 1 gallon

                  $21.95                                                                     $210.00

   Implantor Seal-It 12 oz                                   Implantor Seal-It 1 gal
                $19.95                                                                         $199.00

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