January 10, 2010    Happy New Year



Thiis is a new website, but our company that has been in business since 1985.  We decided to fill a noticeable void.

Our goal isn't just to be another yacht chandler but offer innovative products, cost saving products and ideas

to enhance the charter and luxury yacht genre.   We aren't catalogue clerks, but real people who have

years of experience on the water as captains, crew and owners of owner operated charter yachts.


The past 5 years we have been accommodating and supplying supplies, parts and services  to a select

group of yachts over 80 feet located in the Caribbean.  We have since decided to expand our horizons and offer our services

to the general public worldwide !!  We are a licensed and bonded Florida Corporation.   We are also "known" shippers,

both sea and air with contract air and sea cargo suppliers..


This website is a work in progress and information will be constantly updated and added.


What's the latest news?


This might be old news but it's new news for us. St. Vincent flagged vessel's now have to have fire pumps.

We found the perfect solution. Lightweight, easily stowed and highly reliable.  Used in firefighting  industry

and adapted for the marine environs.  Learn more about this magic little killer pump click here   Our customers

who have bought this pump for survey reasons couldn't be more pleased and happy with the performance and

reliability.   The manufacturer is most desirous in offering this product, which has been adapted for  marine

applications. of fire pump with all bronze fittings, and marine grade hardware.   See video; . Video of fire pump click here


St. Vincent inspection report click here   You won't find a better product anywhere !!


New Captain's and Crew forum.  We have added a captains and crew forum.  Our goal isn't to collect  and archive email addresses

for resale marketing purposes but to create a place where members of the yachting industry can post whatever they choose in

open forum.  We hope you will join us.


How we saved the day,

December 25th, 2009.

We got a call from one of our charter yacht clients at 9AM.  It's Christmas !!. A desperate voice pleaded can you help us?

Seems they were leaving in two days for a charter and needed Kosher food in a hurry.  The  management

company they contracted with in the Bahamas called that morning and announced sorry we cant help you and we can't

tell you who can, goodbye.  Bottom line, we rounded up our crew, drove over 120 miles found the only Kosher

supermarket in the area, chartered an aircraft, which then blew a tire, but our flight crew being who they are,

chartered a 172 and flew our stuff to the Bahamas on time and in time for the guests arrival.....


Bottom line, we get things done !!!!


True Story !!


The ed.