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    Sea Conditions U.S. Navy (click yes)                         Accuweather Radar

    Peak wave height U.S. Navy (click yes )                    National Radar   

    Global wave heights                                                   Nexrad Radar

     Swell Direction                                                            Radar Miami

     Passage weather                                                         Radar Florida PB County  

     Ocean Prediction Center                                            FL/Bah use arrows 

     Real Time global sea temperatures                           NWS Radar  MIA/FL

     National Data buoy center                                         South Florida Zoom Radar

    Unisys Radar                                                                Wind Finder     

    Geostationary Satellite Image                                     Radar Mexico

    Tropical Atlantic Sat  Loop                                          Real Time Lighting Strike

   Water vapor Loop East Atlantic                                   Earthquake Center      

   National Hurricane Center                                           Hurricane Hunters     

   Hurricane Center NASA                                               Real time  currents        

   Tsunami Center (  National)                                        Wind Mapper       

   Coastal visibility                                                           Ocean Remote sensing      

   Unisys Weather                                                             Rutgers sat imagery      

   Bahamas Weather                                                        NCAR weather        

   gulfstream velocity                                                      NWS SWAN

    NWS Forecast                                                              NWS Radio clk yes

    NWS Radio Natl                                                           Storm Prediction                    


                               Navigation, Charts,  General Information


    Online charts                                                                     Maptech U.S. Charts          

    Lat Lon look up                                                                  online usa charts

   Google Earth                                                                       Marine Traffic 

   Piracy reports                                                                     Live Piracy Map

    Maritime Security Centre                                                 Natl Movement Center

    Marine safety worldwide warnings US. gov                    Real time marine traffic

   Notice to Mariners 

    Marina Finder                                                                   Marinas


   World ports                                                                       Ports,Harbours, Marinas

   Offshore Cruising                                                            Cruise bruise


                                Rules, Regulations, Legal, Lawyer, Registry


   Lloyds                                                                               U.S. Customs

  Australian registry of ships                                            Imarasat ship directory

  National response center, (oil spill)                                        SOLAS

  Bureau Veritas                                                               ABS  

  Safety  Code of Practice                                                ABYC   

  TWIC Card

   CE Certification                                                            Bahamas yacht registry 

   Marshall Islands Registry                                                                                                                 

   Cayman  Islands                                                           St. Vincent Yacht Registry

  Admiralty laws on line                                                   

   Maritime Conventions 

   USCG safety/recall/announcements

   Marine Surveys                                                      

   Yacht Customs house Broker 

   Yacht Lawyer Offshore issues                                 Admiralty Lawyer


                            Flight information real time


     Real Time Flight Arrival all airlines

     Real time aviation Nassau              



                       News, Publications, Magazines,


Live Yachting                                                             Yacht Spotter 

Super Yacht Times                                                     Triton

Synfo.com                                                                   Megayacht News

Dock Walk                                                                 Show Boats Magazine